Open your eyes to a world that is focused and distinct.

Become a best version of yourself with OptoKineticsSM tools and activities individually created for you, to bridge the gap between your mental point of interest, and what you actually see.

OptoKineticsSM is appropriate for people who struggle with both visual comfort and focus, due to poor control of visual reflexes.

OptoKineticsSM targets brain regions where different visual motor skills develop. Activities combine interrelated processes such as focus and aim of the eyes. Visual awareness is heightened via visual cues and changing patterns in visually demanding environments.


OptoKineticsSM is vision therapy that puts you in control. You, the expert user, are empowered to progress through stages of mastery as you experience your vision taking shape through drill and practice. Your reflexes and your confidence will soar as you gain improved comfort and control over:

  • Visual stamina
  • Accuracy of focus
  • Efficiency of eye movement

OptoKineticsSM goes beyond conventional glasses. It may be integrated with magnification devices to enhance reading tasks for those with visual loss.


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