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Are you a high-achieving individual who experiences visual stress from the act of reading extended passages of text on standardized tests? Reading involves refocusing and adjusting at multiple gaze points; these actions can become disjointed, especially under time pressure. Disruptive visual blur can result, intensifying the already demanding mental task of processing visual information.  

Visual discomfort and blur can distract you from reading and diminish your mental capacity to analyze visual information. This can lead to subpar standardized test scores and unachievable professional goals. In your efforts to prepare for high-stakes tests, consider that control of eye movements is a may be a source of reading difficulties.  

Luckily, there are simple solutions to make extended reading more comfortable and higher test scores more attainable on standardized tests.  

Our clinical practice supports a variety of test takers who experience visual stress that disrupts the major life activity of reading. These test takers are granted protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), namely countermeasures, or accommodations that compensate for the reading difficulty.  

We work with major standardized testing agencies on behalf of individuals from all walks of life to secure accommodations such as alternative formats (ex: magnified print and audio), and/or extended time. We manage visual dysfunctions such as convergence insufficiency, oculomotor problems, and issues with binocular vision.  

Dr. Konradi’s current work as an optometrist and a teacher of the visually impaired informs her understanding of how visual problems may impact reading, and how specific accommodations may level the playing field and allow test takers to shine.  

Dr. Konradi refers individuals with dyslexia or symptoms of learning disability for appropriate help with independent psychoeducational experts.

For help with visual stress while taking standardized tests, please contact us. We are prepared to assist individuals preparing to take these standardized tests (our list is continually growing):  STAAR, GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, TOEFL, PRAXIS, and USMLE.

My daughter was a sophomore in high school when we met Dr. Konradi. My daughter had been diagnosed with a couple of different eye problems that affected her ability to see, read, and navigate the world around her. After a thoughtful review of all of my daughter’s previous diagnoses, Dr. Konradi was able to see a pattern that indicated a deeper struggle. She was able to diagnose my daughter with CVI (cerebral visual insufficiency) which opened a great number of doors to allow my daughter help she needed in and out of the classroom.

With Dr. Konradi’s kindness and expertise my daughter was able to get the help she needed, not only at school, but also with the ACT testing board. With Dr. Konradi’s report in hand we were able to get my daughter an aide at school to read and scribe for her. My daughter is also the first blind student at her high school to sit for the ACT with ample accommodations provided for her success.

When sitting for the ACT my daughter had someone read the test to her, scribe her answers, and my daughter was allowed extra time to take the test since having to have the test read out loud took a little more time. Without Dr. Konradi’s help my daughter would not have even attempted the ACT, and college entrance would have been a dream we would have struggled to believe she could achieve as a learner with CVI.

- Jenni L.

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