Marianna Konradi, OD

Dr. Konradi earned her doctor at optometry at the University of the Incarnate Word in 2015. In addition to working in optometry, she teaches visually impaired students of all ages in the Abilene (TX) Independent School District. 

"My mission is to give people of all ages the tools needed to relieve and improve their vision problems so that they can expand and adapt their visual function in an ever-changing world." - Dr. Konradi

What Our Clients Say:

With Dr. Konradi’s kindness and expertise my daughter was able to get the help she needed, not only at school, but also with the ACT testing board. With Dr. Konradi’s report in hand we were able to get my daughter an aide at school to read and scribe for her. My daughter is also the first blind student at her high school to sit for the ACT with ample accommodations provided for her success.

- Jenni L.